Volunteer for the Spring Fair (15 May)!


The Spring Fair is a 100% volunteer based event. So far, we have only 2% of the volunteers and donations needed. Without your support the Fair cannot happen. So, please sign up to help with the one (or more) of the events, or to donate food and supplies.

More information here.

Themed Basket Raffle Feb. 7th! Support your PTA!


Each year your PTA raises funds that are given to the Belle Sherman school, teachers, staff and students in support of special events and programs, field trips, supplies and much more!  We need your help for this year’s Themed Basket Raffle Fundraiser.

Here’s how it works:

1. Each Belle Sherman Classroom will pick a theme for a gift basket.

2. Adults and students will gather donated and/or purchased items from around the community based on that theme.  (See below for a list of ideas for basket themes.)

3. Donated items will be placed in a basket, pail, bucket, laundry basket, stroller, wheelbarrow, etc. . .

4. These amazing baskets will be raffled on Saturday, Feb. 7th. to raise funds for the PTA.

Here’s how you can help:

– Volunteer to be a classroom basket coordinator.  Submit your name, classroom, grade, and top three theme choices to Jill Greene in the PTA mailbox or through your classroom teacher.

– Donate items to your classroom basket.

– Come to the raffle on Feb. 7 and bid!

Ideas for Basket Theme Options: Gardening, Spa & Beauty, Gourmet, Sports, Home Improvement, Coffee/Tea, Toys/Games/Puzzles, Baby, Outdoor Fun, Arts & Crafts, A Night on the Town, Camping/Hiking, Cooking, Music, Books & Reading, Science & Nature, Automotive, Health/Fitness/Exercise, BBQ/Picnic, Animals/Pets, Movies, Healthy Snacks, Computer & Technology, etc.